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Is your vehicle due for PA safety and emission inspection?

As a state-registered emissions testing facility, we have been recognized for our skill and ability to test and diagnose emissions/converter problems according to the standards set by the state of Pennsylvania.

When your vehicle is due for an inspection you will need to provide certain documentation.

  • For a PA safety inspection, you need a VALID VEHICLE REGISTRATION CARD and VALID INSURANCE CARD.
  • For a PA emission inspection need a VALID VEHICLE REGISTRATION CARD only.

If you have a question about your vehicle registration or need to renew your vehicle registration, visit

If you have questions about your vehicle emissions inspection visit or can call the PA emissions hotline at 1-800-265-0921.

If your vehicle failed an emission inspection, Jeffcoats Automotive has CERTIFIED PENNSYLVANIA REPAIR TECHNICIANS on staff that will properly diagnose any emission-related problem your vehicle may have.

Thinking of purchasing a used vehicle?

Before you sign the papers and commit to this vehicle, it is always recommended to have that vehicle inspected by an independent technician.

Jeffcoats Automotive offers complete used vehicle inspections. This is a complete check of the vehicle and is as involved as any state safety inspection.