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Brakes that will last

We have chosen the highest quality brake manufacturer on the market today to ensure that when your vehicle’s brake pads need replacing, we can guarantee the quality you have come to expect and deserve.

Here are a few reasons we have chosen Akebono Brakes

  • Akebono is the leader of manufacturing the optimal ceramic material for your vehicle model and the originator of ceramic technology and is a trusted OEM supplier.
  • Akebono brake pads provide the best performance and the safest braking experience.
  • Constructed with the finest quality materials.
  • Premium ceramic brake pads provide a significant reduction in dust for cleaner wheels.
  • Vehicle-optimized ceramic formulas ensure a best in class brake experience.
  • Akebono brake pads promise increased pad and rotor life and create the smoothest, most efficient stopping.
  • No brake-in needed with these high-performance brake pads!
  • The ultimate upgrade for OE semi-metallic & low metallic brake pads.

Brake repair and brake replacement

Brake pads and shoes are considered wear items by every manufacturer and will wear down over time. The other components in the brake system will require eventual replacement for performance and safety reasons.

Warning signs that your brakes need attention

  • Strange noises or high-pitched squeaking when braking
  • Unusual shimmying, shaking or shuddering when you apply the brakes
  • It takes longer for your car to stop than usual.
  • The steering wheel wiggles in your hands when coming to a stop
  • The need to pump the pedal to get improved stopping power
  • Uneven pulling to one side

Some of these conditions could be generated from improper installation, low-quality replacement parts, or driving habits. Some could also mean there is a problem that needs immediate attention. So stay on the safe side and bring your vehicle to Jeffcoats Automotive and have our ASE certified technicians do a complete brake system inspection on your vehicle.

Why is it important to get my brakes serviced?

Properly working brakes are essential to vehicle safety and reliability. When you depress your brake pedal and stop your tires from rotating, you need the confidence to know that your vehicle will come to a complete and precise stop.

  • Brake pads, shoes, drums, and rotors are made of materials that wear down from heat and friction, even under normal driving conditions
  • Over time, these same wear issues can also affect the brake’s hydraulic components including calipers, wheel cylinders, and brake hoses
  • Failure of these brake components can lead to costly repairs and loss of braking

How often should I get my brakes checked?

It’s important to have your brakes checked at least once a year to keep them responsive and to help avoid costly replacements. However, you should have your brakes checked immediately if you experience any of the following:

  • Your brakes are continuously squeaking, squealing, or grinding
  • Your brake or anti-lock braking system (ABS) warning light comes on
  • Your car jerks or pulls to one side when braking
  • You need to pump your brakes for them to work properly
  • Your brake pedal feels unusually soft and spongy or hard
  • You notice brake fluid leaks around the wheels or engine compartment

Brake system fluid exchange service

Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air naturally. The moisture builds up and can freeze during cold weather, causing brake systems to fail. Contaminated brake fluid can lead to corrosion and pitting to vital brake system components such as ABS actuator, calipers, wheel cylinders, metal brake lines. Most vehicle manufacturers will recommend a brake fluid service every two years. Jeffcoats Automotive has ASE certified technicians that will perform a complete brake fluid flush on your vehicle that complies with your manufacturer fluid type and service interval.

Do you need to get your rotors or drums machined?

It is recommended that every time your brake pads or shoes are replaced, you should have the rotors either machined or replaced. Due to the extreme heat that today’s brake pads produce, over time rotors and drums develop imperfections on the braking surface that need removing so the new pads will mate properly to the rotors.

Due to the extreme heat that today’s brake systems generate the rotor surfaces may develop:

  • Grooves along the surface of rotors causing pads to vibrate excessively.
  • Cracks in the rotor surface.
  • Hot spots in the rotor surface.
  • Glazed rotor surface, causing increased brake effort.
  • Build up of metal on edges, causing uneven pad wear.

Machining the brake rotors to return the braking surface back to the like-new condition will ensure proper mating of your new brake pads to the rotors and will guarantee against any unwanted noises, or vibrations.